Granite is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles.
The more common colors are shown below, however, we can get any color you would like.
Also shown below are samples of the most common styles of cemetery memorials, however, we also
offer custom cut designs if you are looking for something more unique.
A flush marker, also called a grass
marker, gets installed in the ground,
leaving the face of the marker flush
with the ground.  Some cemeteries
require that all memorials be flush
markers with sawn sides.
Standard bevel markers have
approximately a two inch slope from
the front to the back.  They sit from 6"
to 8" off the ground and have rock
pitched sides.
Slant style markers are thicker on the
bottom and taper to the top.  They
generally stand 16" tall and have a
sawn back, rock top and sides with a
rock pitched bottom front nosing.
Slant style markers can be displayed
alone (like above) or you can add
height (6") by setting it up on a base.  
The base matches the color of the
slant and is sized according to the
size of the slant marker.
Upright monuments are two piece units
with a matching top piece (die) and
bottom piece (base).  They are
available in a variety of sizes, shapes,
and finishes (sides and tops can be
polished smooth or rock pitched).
Cemetery Memorial Colors & Styles
Elberton Gray
Morning Rose
Missouri Red
Jet Black
Before shopping for a cemetery memorial, it is best to contact the
cemetery and see if they have any restrictions as to the size, style, shape
or color of the memorial.
and can vary slightly in
color and characteristic.